7 things we can touch up…Indiana Boudoir Photography

 Posted on July 20, 2019      by service

Polishing and perfecting photos is what we like to call it. Usually there’s a lot of care that goes into getting yourself photo shoot ready, but sometimes there’s a thing or two that need a bit of polishing’s our list of all the things we can help with after the pictures are taken to make you feel even more confident!

-Bikini stubble hair (Dark haired goddesses~We got you covered!)
-Leg hair (forgot to shave? We got you covered!)
-Cellulite (Booty lookin’ a little like cottage cheese? WE got you covered!)
-Perk the girls up (Breast fed too many babies? We got you covered!)
-THO (too chilly? we got you covered!)
-Back fat (bra a little tight? We got you covered!)
-Extra chins (unfortunate fate of gravity got ya down? We got you covered!)
-Stretch marks (actually, we think these make you beautiful-but if you want us to smooth it over-we got you covered;)
Not totally comfortable naked? -You can also stay covered if you want!
Our job is to make sure we choose the most flattering poses and light and polish these images to make you happy!