7 things we can touch up…Indiana Boudoir Photography

 Posted on July 20, 2019      by service

Polishing and perfecting photos is what we like to call it. Usually there’s a lot of care that goes into getting yourself photo shoot ready, but sometimes there’s a thing or two that need a bit of polishing’s our list of all the things we can help with after the pictures are taken to make you feel even more confident!

-Bikini stubble hair (Dark haired goddesses~We got you covered!)
-Leg hair (forgot to shave? We got you covered!)
-Cellulite (Booty lookin’ a little like cottage cheese? WE got you covered!)
-Perk the girls up (Breast fed too many babies? We got you covered!)
-THO (too chilly? we got you covered!)
-Back fat (bra a little tight? We got you covered!)
-Extra chins (unfortunate fate of gravity got ya down? We got you covered!)
-Stretch marks (actually, we think these make you beautiful-but if you want us to smooth it over-we got you covered;)
Not totally comfortable naked? -You can also stay covered if you want!
Our job is to make sure we choose the most flattering poses and light and polish these images to make you happy!

How to choose your boudoir photographer~Indiana Boudoir

 Posted on May 6, 2019      by service

The most important thing to consider when choosing a boudoir photographer…


This is more important than you think. Connecting with your boudoir photographer is essential to have the best experience possible. You want your boudoir session to reflect who you really are and being comfortable during your session is essential to making that happen…especially with how intimate a boudoir session is.

Connecting with your photographer is even more important than location and price. The entire session depends on how comfortable you are.

Since you’ll most likely be wearing lingerie, you will definitely want your photographer to feel more like a friend instead of a stranger. And you will want your session to feel fun, pampering and empowering.

Based on this, our studio makes comfort the priority with our boudoir experience. Our all-female staff is passionate about helping empower women and make their boudoir experience the most amazing time ever!

So, when you’re deciding which boudoir photographer you want to use, remember, if you don’t feel connected and comfortable with your photographer, you won’t end up with the images you want…and you should get what you want.
You’re worth it.

Boudoir Parties~Indiana Boudoir Photography

 Posted on April 11, 2019      by service

Have you heard of a boudoir party?

Boudoir parties are all the rage these days. What’s a boudoir party you may ask? This is where we host you and at least 4 of your girlfriends during a block of time and all of the slots are filled by you and your party. Parties with 5 or more get a discount too!

You and your ladies arrive at our studio(we close down the studio for boudoir sessions so you can have the place to yourselves!) you can bring food and drinks, you can touch up your hair and makeup (in our private changing room), drink wine and just have a good time while you’re waiting for your session.

Each of you will then have your own private 30-minute session (upstairs using our collection of furniture and backgrounds) and can choose from our two boudoir packages. We also offer a little black book you can get printed for your sweetheart.

Sounds fun, right? Don’t miss your opportunity to throw your boudoir party. Contact us today to set your date!

Boudoir session tips~Central Indiana Boudoir Photographer

 Posted on February 18, 2019      by service

Below are our favorite tips to help you have the most fabulous boudoir experience ever: 

~Flawless skin. Skip the self tanner and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! To ensure your skin is flawless, make moisturizer your best friend all week leading up to your boudoir shoot and make sure you bring lotion to apply for the session as well!

~Hydrate. That means swap out caffeine and alcohol with water in the days leading up to the session! Trust us, your skin will thank you! Wait to break out the bubbly until during the photoshoot 😉

~Wax. If you decide you want to get rid of some of that unwanted hair with a wax, make sure it’s a few days before the shoot. This way you can avoid redness and skin irritation.

~Sleep. Of course we know sleep is important but it makes a huge difference in how a person looks/feels! Make sure you get plenty of rest especially the night before the session!

~Eat. Make sure you eat something light before your session. The experience is more fun if you’re not hangry!

~Smooth skin. Wear baggy clothes to the session that won’t leave red marks on your body.

~The Makeup. Makeup for photographs is very different than your everyday makeup. Consider splurging and hiring a professional. It adds to the fun of the experience, minimizes stress and increases confidence!

~Heels. They are a must in our book! Heels add an elegance and sexiness to boudoir sessions no matter what you wear.

~Lingerie. It doesn’t have to be extravagant lingerie. We think special lingerie is fun but sometimes black underwear and a simple black bra can be just as sexy! Also consider something else…think about what makes you feel sexy. A favorite pair of shorts? Even a simple fav. T-shirt by itself can be sexy…we also love to play around with different fabrics too.

Check out our boudoir gallery to see more of our favorite boudoir sessions!

Kishel Blush Boudoir session…do it for you…

 Posted on January 18, 2019      by service

Our boudoir sessions are empowering. Treat yourself to an experience that will make you feel strong, beautiful and pampered. We walk you through the entire process so you feel confident and know what to expect. Through expert lighting and posing, we guarantee we will capture you in the most flattering way possible…you’ll absolutely love your images! 

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Why you should NOT let your bestie be your wedding photographer

 Posted on October 11, 2018      by service

We hear this one a lot…”I promised my friend they could be our wedding photographer. They offered it as a wedding gift!”

Unless the friend is a legitimate photographer and has a thriving professional business (even then we’re not so sure), we do NOT recommend this. Here are a few reasons why…

First of all, if they’re a good friend, you want them to be a guest at your wedding, not serving a working role.

Let’s say your friend has a nice camera and is a pretty legitimate photographer… what if you’re not totally happy with the pictures? Or with them? Or their style?  Hiring a good professional who is not your friend will ensure that you can interview them, review their work, lay out all of your expectations and make sure you love their style before hiring them.

It will ensure that they WILL:
~be there and not cancel 1 month before
~they will be on time
~they will be working taking pictures for an agreed on amount of time
~they can professionally custom design an album to preserve the day with the images they took
~ they won’t miss anything!
With a friend, you can’t make those same requirements without seeming like you don’t trust them. And, since you’re not paying them, you don’t feel like you have the right to make any demands or set your expectations.

You only have one way to preserve it. Your wedding photos are all you’ll have to remember the day. Saving money isn’t a good excuse to gamble on a photographer for a day as important as that. The wedding day should be about what YOU want. Not about hurting a friend’s feelings by rejecting them or making things in the future awkward because a friendship is strained by business.

When it comes to your wedding photographer, 9 times out of 10, you get what you pay for…or didn’t pay for.

Go ahead, make photography higher on your wedding budget priority list. We promise…it’ll pay off.